Praise for Hay Balancer from Sunday Praise
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Praise for Hay Balancer from Sunday Praise

I have been in the horse business for nearly 45 years and this is the fastest I have ever seen something work, and work so well. Rose Miller
Prescott, Arizona


Four years ago we moved from Indiana to Prescott, Arizona. In Indiana we had locally grown hay. Any kind seemed to work well for our animals: alfalfa; part grass/alfalfa; first cutting; second cutting; etc. But good quality hay seemed harder to come by in Arizona. What I noticed was that Bermuda hay gave all my horses and mules hay bellies, while the alfalfa was too ‘hot’ for my trail riding mules and especially my retired Tennessee Walking horse show mare, Sunday Praise, who is 18 years old and has metabolic syndrome. We found locally grown grass hay, but no matter what I fed Sunday Praise, she just got fatter and fatter, especially in those ugly places that metabolic horses tend to get. Her cresty neck was awful. She even got fat pads above her eyes. I tried putting her on diets using tiny-holed hay bags or feeding small amounts four times a day, but nothing seemed to work.

Eventually we found a great source of consistent quality hay in a product from Dell City, Texas called Chaffhaye (, which is alfalfa hay in a bag. It is a wonderful product and I love working with Kimber Davies, who has answered a myriad of questions for me over the years. Not long ago, when I was ordering more Chaffhaye, I told her about my dilemma with Sunday Praise. I was worried about decreasing her feed to the point that she wasn’t getting enough nutrition. She suggested I try a product called Dr. Thornley’s Hay Balancer® and told me to call Tyler Phillips at Equine Health Sciences, the maker of Hay Balancer, to talk about it. In our conversation, he explained that all hay has nutritional deficiencies and that Hay Balancer was specifically developed to fill those gaps in the hay diet, ensuring Sunday Praise would get the nutrition she required while I adjusted her hay intake to help her metabolic syndrome.

After my conversation with Tyler, I was convinced this might be the perfect solution for Sunday Praise. I started Sunday on Dr. Thornley’s Hay Balancer, along with strictly weighing her Chaffhaye at every feeding, and the results have been amazing! I have been in the horse business for nearly 45 years and this is the fastest I have ever seen something work, and work so well.

First I noticed those fat pads over her eye sockets begin to recede, then the fat lumps on her rear and behind the shoulders started to decrease. It took longer to notice the cresty neck start to diminish, but it has. I am so very, very pleased with this product! Sunday had foundered just before we moved four years ago, but I am able to ride her with the help of my barefoot trimmer. I feel confident that Hay Balancer will also help keep her feet in great condition, too.

Her overall body look and condition has changed significantly. I had lamented that my lovely old show gal was looking positively ‘dumpy,’ but she has her beautiful body back. Riding her is a pleasure. The combination of Hay Balancer and Chaffhaye doesn’t give her excess energy that could cause problems. She is an ex-show horse, so she is not a ‘dead-head,’ but some vitamin/mineral products can produce too much excitement, which, at my age, I do not want. I have since learned that the combination of Chaffhaye and Hay Balancer is a fantastic way to keep horses of all ages, breeds and types in great condition. It is about as near the perfect ration for horses as possible.

I can really recommend both Dr. Thornley’s Hay Balancer and Chaffhaye! They are the perfect combination for a complete ration for my beloved Sunday Praise.

Sunday Praise is my pride and joy. I have written about her and my other Tennessee Walking horses in my book “The Horse That Wouldn’t Trot” (